Stop Letting Negative Self Talk Keep You From Being the Happy, Confident Woman You're Meant to Be!

It's Time to Own Your Beauty and Take Control of Your Happiness!

You look like you have it all together, but feel you've lost who you are. You're tired of the people-pleasing and the martyrdom. You've had it with all the criticism, the gossip, the superficiality. You want to truly feel beautiful and accept yourself as you are. You're ready to experience true happiness. You're ready to rediscover yourself.

Does This Sound Familiar?

❖ You feel like a shadow of your former, radiant self. You long to have that glow back and see yourself as attractive.

❖ You spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products trying to achieve the results you want but they just keep falling short.

❖ You think "once I achieve _____ or fix _____ I’ll be happy. I’ll feel more beautiful".

❖ Looking in the mirror leaves you feeling anxious and insecure. The stress of getting ready sometimes even ruins a night out.

❖ You’re irritable, short-tempered, frustrated.

❖ You’ve tried the whole self-love thing, but you can't seem to get past focusing on your wrinkles, dull skin, or other 'flaws'.

❖ You are READY to take back control of your life and finally feel confident and happy, but you're not sure how to make that happen.

✯ Let me show you how! ✯

It's Not Just About the Makeup

You must realize the beauty in and around you before you realize the beauty in the mirror.

Are You Ready To

✔︎ Feel a sense of joy and peace in your day to day life?

✔︎ Stop letting insecurities prevent you from experiencing, and enjoying, more in your life? 

✔︎ Start attracting more positive experiences and abundance in your life?

✔︎ Have the confidence to create a life you love filled with joy, purpose, and passion?

✔︎ Have the motivation to make the changes in your life you’ve been longing for?

✔︎ Love yourself enough to treat your body the way you know you’ve always wanted to?

✔︎ Stop caring about what others think about you and start living a life in alignment with your values and desires?

✔︎ Enjoy a social life where you can let loose, have fun, be yourself and not worry about how you look? 

✔︎ Be more visible in your life and business?

✔︎ Confidently apply your own makeup in a natural and flattering way that enhances your beauty rather than hiding your 'flaws'?

✔︎ Feel confident with or without makeup?

✔︎ Feel free from criticism and judgement in your life? 

✔︎ Be more healthy, magnetic, and less stressed?

✔︎ Ditch self-doubt and start truly loving yourself?

❁ Let's Do This! ❁

Ways to Work With Me

1:1 Coaching Packages

3 Month Realizing Beauty Coaching Package

  • 9 Coaching Calls (3 per month). These calls will be a combination of makeup lessons and coaching calls customized to your needs.
  • Beauty Shopping Guidance (personalized shopping plan and live support.)
  • Unlimited Support
  • Personalized Action Plan (Updated Monthly)
I'm Ready!

1 Month Intensive

  • 4 Coaching Calls
  • Email and Messaging Support
  • Personalized Action Plan
I'm In!

"I contacted Christa because I have a branding photo shoot coming up. I wanted a professional opinion about the colors that would be best for me to wear and I wanted to get her input on my make-up and hair. I told her that I'll be by the beach surrounded by blue and that was it. What I got back was a great email with her recommendations and what stood out to me right away is that she took not only my olive skin, carefree personality, but also my natural wavy hair into consideration. The feedback she gave me was so on point. I immediately went shopping for make-up and I love the look. I appreciated that she wasn't interested in making me look like someone I'm not, but in bringing out and accentuating the best in me. The process was painless, easy, and FAST. I highly recommend working with Christa!"

Monique A.

"Christa let's be honest ~ I'm not a make-up kind of gal! And you're still willing to work with me! How cool is that? It has been a real pleasure to have your support as I navigate the wild, unfamiliar world of the cosmetic super-store. It was even nicer when you were available at the last minute to talk me off the ledge over the difficult question of "what shade would you like?" What do I know? A pretty shade, please? Make up really is an art and you are really an artist at making a novice feel comfortable, safe and supported. I think you. Those who will watch me on video thank you! Working with you has been a joy."

Lisa C.

"Christa did a fantastic job of making me feel at ease, and as someone who does not typically wear very much makeup, Christa struck the absolutely perfect chord with making me feel beautiful, but also not ‘overdone’. I would absolutely recommend Christa’s services for anyone looking for a kind, talented, and caring professional that you can absolutely entrust with making you look and feel beautiful on any important day! Thank you Christa!"

Marlena M.

Living a Life of Beauty and Happiness is a Choice

Are You Ready to Choose to Own Your Beauty and Take Control of Your Happiness?

"I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls." Audrey Hepburn

I'm Ready!

Your Instructor and Coach

Hi! I'm Christa. I'm an Integrative Beauty and Happiness Coach, Online Beauty Editor, Professional Makeup Artist, and mom of 2. I specialize in bridal beauty and flattering, wearable makeup looks. I've honed my natural talent through years of working with hundreds of women of all ages and stages of life. Beautiful, real women, just like you! As an online beauty editor on my website Realizing Beauty I've had the blessing of working closely with beauty brands over the past 6 years getting early access to new launches and sharing news and reviews with my readers.

My mission is to help women take back the power in their lives and stop letting fear and feelings of unworthiness hold them back from experiencing joy and living a fulfilling life. I believe all women deserve to be confident in their beauty and know they are worthy of choosing happiness.


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